The global demand for online courses have been growing eminently, and it’s no secret. Online course selling business has created a booming market for edupreneurs to tap. The tremendous growth has also given birth to a few misperceptions which are hindering edupreneurs from selling online courses successfully.

There are a few myths around what is required to build an impactful and successful online course.

Unfortunately, these myths hold back many aspiring edupreneurs like you from creating a wildly successful online course.

Busting Myths Around Selling Online Courses Successfully

Through this post, I will take the opportunity to bust the seven most common myths that have shaped up over time.

Myth 1: “A big fat launch is critical for success.”

With too much information getting published online, the aspiring online course creators have started to believe that it is vital to have a big fat launch. In other words, if your sales didn’t ring up big numbers in the initial few days, the game is over.


Big launches are not essential to your success. It is imperative to put in your hundred per cent effort in making it as huge as possible. But, in the long run, it doesn’t define your success. You would be off to a great start. And that’s it. Trust the process. Understand that you can’t make all the money in a single push.

Marketing an online course is a consistent, long term commitment.

Myth 2: “You need to create multiple courses. A single course won’t sell.”

We constantly hear from many aspiring course creators who believe that creating a single course won’t fetch them the desired result. They think having one or two courses in their arsenal, won’t give them enough firepower to establish themselves as an authority in their domain.

Reality: There are course creators who are selling single courses through Spayee. They have succeeded in generating income equal to more than those creators who are selling multiple courses.

All I am trying to say is that the number of courses has nothing to do with how you are going to perform in the world of e-learning. Please understand that quality is more important than quantity.

The top three important elements of selling a course successfully are:

  1. The course topic: Choose a profitable course topic. There must be a market demand for the kind of courses you create.
  2. The content: There is no end to the free information available online. Hence, you have to offer something far more valuable. Something that would cut through the noise and quickly help achieve learning objectives.
  3. The audience: You need to establish a relationship with your audience. Which means, selling a course shouldn’t be your primary focus. When you provide consistent value through interactive videos, webinars, blogs, and social media, your sales automatically start to escalate.

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Myth 3: “You need a large e-mail list.”

It’s a common belief that you need to have a large e-mail list in order to launch an online course.

Reality: The size of your pre-built audience matters. But, it doesn’t mean you need to wait for a certain number in order to launch your first course. You can start small and keep moving up the ladder. Your ability to convert your existing audience to paying customers matters.

In the long run, you must work towards building an audience. The audience can be in the form of an e-mail list, youtube subscribers or just social media followers. If you are transitioning from offline coaching, even better. Focus on creating a larger pool of potential customers. But, don’t let them stop you from getting started. You can begin with zero.

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Myth 4: “Too many people are selling the same course, so my course won’t sell.”

Because of the obvious reasons, the more course creators are joining the online course creator squad. If you find a huge competition, you might look at it as a sign of worry.

Reality: Competition is actually a good sign. Knowing that there is a market demand for your topic, makes it a profitable one to consider. On the other hand, no competition shows not much people are interested to pay & learn about this topic.

The best way to go about it is to accept the competition and focus on ways to position yourself that would set you apart from the competition. Try to find your USP and highlight it wherever possible for selling online courses Successfully.

Myth 5: “I need to offer my course at a relatively cheaper price”

Most beginner, as well as advanced course creators, sets the course price too cheap in order to attract more customers who would buy the course. They believe that pricing low will increase the volume of sales.

Reality: Pricing is all about the amalgamation of communication and perception. Setting a low price might send a negative message of the quality of your offering. Do market research. Price on a competitive range depending upon your brand value.

You can also price your course with multiple variants depending on its validity and course packages. While selling courses through Spayee, that’s a cakewalk. Don’t forget that price is just one of the many factors that determine whether a prospect is buying your course or not. If you primarily focus on establishing your authority as an expert in your domain, you already get ahead in the game.

Myth 6: “Technology isn’t as important as other aspects of online course selling business.”

If you build, they will come. Technology isn’t as important as finding your topic, creating course content & marketing it.

Reality: Technology matters. How conveniently your audience skims through your course platform matters. You can use the best online course platform in order to provide the best user experience. As a matter of fact, using hosted platforms like Spayee eliminates the cent per cent scope of you worrying even a bit about technology.

Don’t get overwhelmed by all the options that are present out there. Weigh them as per your needs and stick to one. If you are unsure about it, start with just a YouTube channel and a free Spayee account. In the meantime, create a buzz about your courses through social media & blogging.

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Myth 7: “You need to have a huge marketing budget to thrive.”

The final one says that it’s a myth that you have to spend a large amount of money on running ads, and other forms of marketing to sell courses.

Reality: Without a shred of doubt it’s competitive out there. But, most effective marketing has more to do with your content quality and the and the authority you are able to cultivate. Just focus on providing consistent value in the beginning & building trust. With these elements in place, every penny spent on marketing reaps the greatest results.

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Busting the Myths, Seizing the Opportunity

A whole article dedicated to busting the surfaced myths gives us the chance to face up to them.

Are any of these myths currently holding you back from selling online courses successfully?

If the answer is yes, it’s time to let it go.

The key is to make a plan and take action.

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