Have you got what you think is a great online course idea, but are wondering if there is really a market for it? Worry not! We have got your back. This article gives top 7 killer ways to validate your online course idea.

Every course creator faces this question of uncertainty while deciding on the online course idea. It’s a confusion worth addressing before launching an online course.

If you haven’t concluded on a course idea until now, here are 6 steps to find your perfect course topic. 

“Validating” your course idea simply means taking prior steps to be confident that there is a market out there who are willing to purchase the courses on the topic that you are offering.

Once you have a tentative online course idea in front of you, technology will help you validate it.

Validate Your Online Course NOW!


Search Engines are always a good place to start. Google, especially, has become one search engine giant who can very well answer what people want. If you want to use them effectively, you first need to have a clarity of the value your courses will be providing. Once you are clear on this part, type out the keywords that your target audience might be typing in order to discover your courses or courses similar to yours.

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Please understand that your prospects are not necessarily thinking to buy an online course. They just have a problem that they want to learn how to solve. Hence, run all sorts of keywords without using the word “course” too.

Keeping that in mind, compile a list of 5-7 short keywords that your target learners might be typing in order to get results associated with your course.


YouTube is worlds second-largest search engine, being the most popular video search engines. If you are selling paid courses on your topic, there must be hundreds of YouTube videos already who would be trying to teach them that or a part of it.

Run your keywords here and find out:

  • How relevant to your online course idea are top 20-30 results?  

Pay attention to the related videos that show up on the right of the page. You can get some good insights into the institutes or the solo teachers who are already directing learners into online course through their YouTube channel.

  • Are there any actual courses already available?  

Now, you can add “course,” “lessons,” etc to your search term to generate more results on your specified topic.

Online Courses through Spayee

Amazon Kindle 

Take help from absolutely free tools. Amazon is, undoubtedly, a well-known place to buy anything under the sun. If your course topic is popular, you can find its traces in the form of books. As a matter of consideration, the buying has become possible by a powerful search engine that searchers on Amazon to seek knowledge. 

The Kindle eBooks on Amazon is certainly valuable for course entrepreneurs. It contains a huge number of e-books published on niche topics by knowledge entrepreneurs.

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Hence, type out your keywords into the Amazon search bar, then select “Kindle Store”. The results would show the offerings related to your course idea.

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Finally, you must search on the site that is quickly transforming into the Amazon of online courses. Udemy, Coursera etc are such marketplaces where you must run your keywords search once. Honestly, I am not a big fan of selling courses on marketplaces like Udemy as they quickly turn into low-priced commodities. But, it is undeniably one of the greatest sources of market intelligence. After all, all the people visiting them are interested in online courses. 

Hence, before you proceed ahead you must try out your keywords here once.

Analyze how many courses turn up on your targeted keywords and the ratings they have got. Check the number of people who have bought those courses. It’s beneficial to look at the nature of content too. From the courses, you can pretty much derive a fair idea on how to position your course too.

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Quora is an immensely popular question and answer site. It has become a one-stop solution to all the questions under the sun. Quora is a big deal. If you have a course idea, consider doing your searching activities here. I find it most valuable, like thousands of entrepreneurs, learners and common men.

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You can type out your targeted keywords and look at the different kind of questions, blogs, spaces associated with your topic. You can follow your industry leaders, the important questions, spaces as well as track them easily.


There is an overwhelming emphasis on social media, video, or other forms of communication these days. However, I continue to believe that a strategically carried blog is one of the most valuable assets an online course entrepreneur can have. If you ain’t an accomplished blogger as of yet, there are plenty out there already. By looking at their content, figure out the posts which are more popular and are related to your topic.

  1. The posts which have attracted the most visitors. 
  2. Posts who got shared infinitely. 
  3. Which has garnered overwhelming response/comments.
  4. What readers have to say about the blog.

In a nutshell, if a topic succeeds at generating significant activity on your blog, just have belief and stay confident about the topic of your choice.

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In order to track what is happening on your blog, you must have Google Analytics installed on your Website which is absolutely free. Pay attention to the content on your blog or in other areas of your site which is attracting the most traffic. 

Through google analytics, you can find out the places on your blog where the most audience get drawn to. You can find out the time taken by a user to check out your blog etc.

Create your online course website now.

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