Budding online course creators often end up creating a course that no one buys. To make sure your debut doesn’t hit that rough patch, this guide outlines how to sell online courses before creating them.

Isn’t that great?

Well, honestly, no educator plans to put in their efforts in creating an online course that barely sells. At the same time, if you don’t plan on how you are going to sell your course, you inadvertently risk generating a few sales once published.

Validate your course idea

Ideally, your first step should be validating your online course idea. However, sometimes amateur course creators get into the cycle as elaborated below.

Perhaps you can relate:

  1. Inspiration strikes. You decide to sell your online courses.
  2. You spend a hefty amount of money on equipment & tools to create and edit your content.
  3. You spend several weeks, even months in creating your course content.
  4. You set up your online course website to sell online courses.
  5. You now start promoting your course, hoping to generate your first few sales.

But all your efforts go in vain.

That brings us to an important realisation, the benefits of selling your courses before launching them.

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Benefits of pre-selling your online course

Protect your time and resources

Launching your online course would quickly become a resource-intensive endeavour. You must ensure that your allocated time & finances not better utilized elsewhere. By pre-selling your course, you substantially minimize the risk of investing in a project that flops.

Self-fund your course creation

By pre-selling your courses, you can use that revenue to fund the promotion of your course. This could result in zero out-of-pocket expenses for you.

Instant feedback

When you involve your target audience in such an initial phase you create a course which is ideally based on their actual desires and requests.

Build your customer list

Promoting your course before you create them gives you ample time to build an email list of your prospects. Once your course is ready, you can notify them via e-mail, and voila, you’ll have your first round of students.

Create the best course website now.

How to validate market demand for your course:

I have written a comprehensive article on how you can verify your course idea.

However, if you want to check how your course is going to perform, there is one specific strategy you can use in order to get confidence over your course:

How to Sell Online Courses before you create it (pre-selling)

In the first section of this blog, I had already discussed why pre-selling your course is absolutely important for a new course creator.

After investing some time in different aspects of the course creation. Begin with the title for your course and the content outline. Now, present your course title and outline to your prospects. One way to go about it is by hosting a webinar.

Set a price for your upcoming online course and have a small specific sales goal to begin with.

If you are able to acquire these customers, go ahead and launch your course.

Launch your online course & collect payments. Just make it clear that the course has not yet been created.

Ready, Fire, Aim!

I know it might seem counterintuitive in trying to sell something before you have even created it. But, trust me on this. Taking this route saves you all the efforts that might not give you the desired results.

If no one seems interested in your course, do the following:

  1. Test a different topic. Validate it’s demand first.
  2. Position yourself as an expert in your field.
  3. Give some free value.
  4. Launch a pilot course & receive feedback.
  5. Improvise!
  6. Launch again.

Way to go!

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