After working with many successful online course creators & digital influencers on Spayee, I have sourced the Top 3 tips to sell profitable online courses in 2020.

For what its worth, these tips would help aspiring course creators to grow their online course platform & digital products in 2020!

So, let’s dig in!

Conduct Market Research

If you are just getting started, you probably have more than one, course ideas. 

But coming up with a course topic idea before conducting thorough customer research might not be a good approach. Consumers’ current pattern generally determine their future direction. 

If the market is already shopping for Course X, you can respond to its demand by bringing something that has already been demonstrated in the market.”

Market research helps you in identifying the problem that other course creators might have missed. 

It could be using the most suitable course platform.

Or, adding an ample amount of quizzes.

Look into customer interviews & their feedback. More often, customer data leads to better business decisions. 

Analyzing consumers’ data would help you uncover patterns and preferences of your learners, they never knew they had

There are plenty of resources available online. They will point you to the direction beneficial for you. Make sure you trust yourself in the whole process & remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

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Pick a business niche 

To create a profitable online course, you’ll need to address some specific problem for a specific group of people.  

Educators at Spayee recommend, “Rather than asking ‘What can I create or sell?’ question yourself ‘Who can I reach, and how can I add value?’”. 

Target a customer group you belong to. It can magically save precious time & efforts, and your resources. Not just that, It would boost your chances of course success, too. 

  1. Offer a highly specific solution that would fetch you initial interest.
  2. These sales would lead to word-of-mouth marketing
  3. As you get the ball rolling, you can build up to it while expanding related niches. 

Besides, as per a report published 91% of consumers are more likely to purchase with brands they recognize. 

Hence, building your branded online course platform is imperative to success. Solving a specific problem for a specific audience would create that brand presence for you.

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Create a course prototype first

Course creators stress on the fact that the hardest things about introducing new courses are to “understand learners’ preferences”.

Now, that you have done your part of customer research. Hence, it would give you an idea of what would work & what might not.  

But, online research won’t make up for practical experiments. You need to get your hands dirty. 

Let’s look at it this way, Customer research is like learning how to drive a car from watching online tutorials. It educates you about a ton of things. But, only your own insights can give you tangible or personalized advice. 

Releasing your first online course could be scary and exhilarating.  There will be unexpected adventures. 

Hence, pre-selling your courses would save you over-whelming surprises. You can read the full-fledged guide to pre-selling here. 

This could be a game-changer for you. You can use the feedback & concerns received of your initial learners to launch a better version of your course. 

In fact, you could also sell a basic version of your course to see if this works for your audience. 

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