The foolproof 3-step system to get new coaching clients fast for your recently launched Online Coaching Program.

Have you been working on carving out the best strategy to get new coaching clients online?

This is the place where you get your answer.

In this article, you’ll get my foolproof 3-step formula to get your first paying coaching clients, all without spending any money.

Now, if you are wondering if you need to have a pre-built network or an email list, you don’t need one.

Let’s dive in.

How to get new coaching clients

Finding your first paying coaching clients might seem like a lot difficult to achieve. But, it is easier than you might be thinking. Being a little strategic about your marketing efforts would give you the desired results.

You see, if you try to juggle 100 different things in order to get conversions, you will more likely have a burnout without going much far.

What I am going to tell you is ONE simple strategy. It requires efforts. But, you’ll end up getting paying clients even faster than you might think.

Step 1: Connect with potential clients

Before you begin to gather coaching clients, you need to quickly understand WHY people buy from YOU.

The answer would be because they trust you. Building the trust factor is imperative to your success. It’s one single most important factors which your clients would take into account.

When you begin, you’re not as well known.

Online Groups and forums are one of the fastest yet effective ways to connect with your potential clients and build trust.

My blueprint using which you can leverage groups to get new coaching clients.

Build real engagement with your potential clients by participating in discussions that cater to your topic. You can target relevant online groups on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Yahoo. You can get into online communities like Quora and Reddit. Similarly, you can get into industry-specific forums. Your audience is surely hanging out on one of these platforms.

These groups allow you to build trust with your audience via participation in conversations. That’s not at all like running E-mail campaigns where you are just talking from your side. Here, you are talking to people who can reply back to whatever you are saying. Here, your potential audience has a way to engage with you.

This process would allow you to build relationships in weeks that would take you months to do using email. Emails are also an expensive affair.

Wondering how you can find those forums?

There are TONS of Facebook groups, Quora and Reddit threads. Just Gooogle it.

For example, if you are a Fitness Coach, go to Google. Now, search for keywords like “Stay healthy” & include “Quora”. You’ll find an entire forum FULL of your ideal clients in the first few results.

Get Online Coaching Clients

Or, just log in to Facebook and search for relevant online groups.

While building relationships within groups, keep in mind the following:

  1. Choose only those groups/forums where your ideal clients are active.
  2. Introduce yourself time and again so they know who you are and how you can help them.
  3. Engage in conversations, post insightful content & provide value.
  4. Showcase your expertise by helping people & giving them advice.
  5. Infotain – That means you have to inform+ entertain, at the same time.
  6. Engage as a person – Don’t be like a robot, express yourself openly, be humorous and most importantly be yourself.

Step 2: Identify potential clients

And at this point, you might be thinking,

“Ok, I’ve built a relationship with my audience, consistently engaged with them & provided value. How do I get clients now? ”

Time to leverage the trust you have built.

The Power of Free Assessments

By now, you’ve managed to deliver value inside at least one online groups. People recognise you for the knowledge you possess on a certain topic. That means you have the “social capital” to make an offer & help members of this audience, for FREE.

“But, I am selling Paid coaching, not free!”

Okay, stay with me a little while. We are getting to it.

Free assessments are not full-fledged coaching but a kind of free calls where you spend 15 minutes helping someone with one specific problem. By the end of the call, you show them just how much you can help them with. Finally, pitch about your coaching.

Here are a few examples of free assessments that you can provide:

  1. Niche Clarity Assessment: “Tell me what all you want to specialise in, and I’ll help you with picking one niche for your business”.
  2. Brand Assessment: “Tell me about your existing brand positioning. I’ll give you three suggestions that would help you to stand out in your industry.”

Key Point: Solve ONE Quick Problem

Make sure you don’t try to pick up every aspect of your coaching. Just fix one problem quickly. Define what the problem would be beforehand.

However, you need to solve big enough problem so that your prospects know that you can help them with results. DON’T fall into the trap of solving so much of their problem that they think they don’t need assistance any more.

Give them “quick wins,” not the entire solution.

Step 3: Get coaching clients after offering free “quick wins”.

At the beginning of the free 15 min assessment call, you’ll have to inform them.

“Hey, I’m going to help you with xyz thing now. However at the end of the call, I ‘ll show you what more is possible.

Set the expectations right from the beginning. Towards the call, pitch your coaching program. Tell them how it would benefit them.

Hence, these are the steps to get coaching clients fast.

Once you follow the above steps for the initial few weeks, your audience will begin to trust you, and that’s when they will be ready to hear about your offer.

So what does it mean? It means that when you share your offer, people will actually buy from you.

Get, Set, Go!

Sakshi Darpan

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